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Whether you are a lover of traditional sweets, quality chocolate, candy, liquorice, full bars of chocolate or Belgian chocolates, there is a treatbox for you. 

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Chocolate Lovers Treatbox

An indulgent box containing scrumptious chocolatey treats from across Europe.
Our Chocolate Lovers’ Treatbox will contain chocolate from some of the best and most highly regarded chocolatiers in the world such as Divine, Ritter, Cachet, Guylian, Belgid’Or and Niederegger.

What delights will your first Treatbox contain?

Candy Lovers Treatbox

What’s in each box? No one can tell! Will it be all-time favourites jelly beans from Jelly Belly? Delicious Candystripe licorice? Tasty Niederegger marzipan? Decadent Carte D’Or Nougatti?

Or perhaps you might receive some of your favourite traditional boiled sweets that you used to pop to the corner shop to buy as a child.

Treatbox full of Bars

A box. Full of chocolate bars. Yes, bars of chocolate! Delivered to your door! You don’t even have to leave the house to indulge your sweet tooth every month.

Each month we will send you a wonderfully presented, varied selection of our favourite chocolate bars from some of the finest chocolatiers from across the globe.

Finest Belgian Chocolate Treatbox

Belgian and French chocolates just ooze luxury and if you subscribe to the Finest Belgian Chocolate Treatbox then each month we hand select 24 of our absolute favourites from a range of luxury chocolatiers and deliver them to you in a beautifully presented, specially made Treatbox for the Finest Belgian Chocolate lover.

Liquorice Lovers Treatbox

Each month, subscribers to our Liquorice Lovers’ Treatbox receive a box bursting with different Liquorice flavours from across the globe.

Perhaps it will flavoured or dipped, sticks or swirls. We even offer Liquorice logs with a chocolatey filling – now there’s something you HAVE to try!

Sweet Shop Treatbox

Each and every month, through the post, you will receive a delicious selection of sweet treats made up of six 100g bags; but exactly what you’ll get in each box is a complete surprise!

Will it contain Fizzy Cola Bottles, Mini White Chocolate Jazzies, or maybe Pear Drops? Rosy Apples, Dolly Mixtures or Bonbons? Or perhaps it will be something completely different? You won’t know until you open up the box and look inside!

Happy Customers

We are flattered that you guys love what we do... it's all a bit embarrassing really!

"I absolutely adore my monthly treatbox!! Every time a new one is delivered, it’s like my birthday all over again!"

Jenny - London

"The sweets are absolutely fantastic. I keep them in my office drawer... ssshhh don't tell anyone."

Nisha - Chester

"I love treatbox; the quality and quantity of what is included, and best of all is that I get to try treats and brands I haven't before."

Tim - Bath

Treatbox Tips

Remember, you can swap between treatboxes when ever you like, pause a subscription or even send a treatbox from any given month to a friend.